Become a Lola Market Shopper

Buy and deliver with your own schedule.

Earn money

Start earning money by ordering with Lola Market.

Flexible schedule

You decide your own schedule to place orders.

Perfect order

Complete your orders to ensure better customer ratings.

The day-to-day life of a Shopper

That's how it works. A little extra money for you.

1. Order

A customer fills out his cart through the Lola Market App, and we notify the available Shopper for that area and time.

2. Buy

The Shopper makes the purchase in the establishment that the client has selected.

3. Delivery

The Shopper delivers the products to the address provided by the user at the indicated time.

4. Income

Make as many shipments as you want, and get up to €2,000.00 per month.

In Lola Market you will find Shoppers of all kinds.

Any person of legal age, friendly, responsible and with free time can be a Shopper.

I do Shopper a few hours in the afternoon to be able to pay my studies, and I am delighted.




I can decide my own schedule for ordering with Lola Market.